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Why Gourmet Mustard Gift Sets Are the Perfect Gift

by Sabine Schoenknecht on September 12, 2023

Gourmet mustard gift sets are the ideal choice if you're looking for a unique and delectable present. These carefully chosen packages provide a delicious fusion of flavours and will please even the pickiest foodie. Gourmet mustard gift sets are ideal for any celebration, holiday, or just to show someone you care. In this article, we'll discuss the distinctions between German and Dijon mustard, the health advantages of mustard, and why Atlantic Mustard's gift sets of mustard are the perfect option for every occasion.


What Makes German Mustard Unique?

MustArt Collection 70

The vibrant, acidic flavour of German mustard is well-known. German mustard has a distinctive flavour that can be either hot, or sweet, or both. Yellow and brown mustard seeds are used to produce German mustard, and when the seeds are pounded roughly and left in the mix, the mustard will have a grittier texture. When the mustard is “wet” milled, the resulting product will be very smooth.

German mustard is a versatile condiment that can add flavour and sophistication to any dish. And speaking of versatile, our German Mustard Box Is the perfect culinary gift, featuring three unique German mustards - Our Oktoberfest mustard, Old German (one of our best sellers), and Sauer with a chance of Kraut (AKA sauerkraut mustard).This eclectic trio will enhance all kinds of foods from sausages to sandwiched and burgers.


What Makes Dijon Mustard Unique?

The smooth, subtle flavour of Dijon mustard is attributed to its origin in the French city of Dijon. Dijon and German mustard are very similar, just from different countries. Dijon is also very hot. The original Dijon mustard is made with Ver jus (unripened grape juice), and it has a smoother texture because the mustard seed hulls are removed. But you can find Dijon mustards with varying textures.

A common ingredient in sauces, gourmet recipes, and salad dressings, Dijon mustard is a must-have for any mustard connoisseur. We’ve put together a combination of flavours and textures in our Dijon Gift Box which features our elegant and creamy Mild Dijon, Original French Dijon, and the spicy Farmer’s Dijon.

The Advantages of Mustard for Health

When you give mustard as a gift, you’re not only giving a present that’s full of flavour, – you’re also giving the gift of health. Our bodies benefit from the abundance of? minerals and antioxidants in mustard seeds. Minerals like selenium and magnesium, which are crucial for many body processes, are abundant in them. Additionally, mustard seeds contain glucosinolates, a class of phytonutrients with possible anti-cancer effects. In addition, mustard has fewer calories and fat than many other condiments, and it also helps the body digest the fat in foods better, making it a healthier choice.

About Our Mustard Gift Sets

MustArt Pot

We take pride in providing a vast selection of gourmet mustard flavours at Atlantic Mustard that satisfy every taste. Our gift boxes of mustard are carefully selected to offer a great tasting experience. Each bundle has a collection of our finest mustards that have been thoughtfully created to highlight a range of tastes and intensities.

Our gift sets of mustard are not only delectable but also beautiful. They make a remarkable present. We’re particularly proud of our MustArt Collection Box, where each mustard features a landmark from each maritime province painted on the jar, all packed in a nice box with a painting from mustard maker and miller, Michael Schoenknecht. Another unique gift item is the MustArt Pot. These hand-crafted pottery jars come in a variety of colours and are filled with your choice of The Maritimer (spicy brown mustard) or Canadian Maple (medium mustard with New Brunswick organic maple syrup).


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We invite you to browse our selection of items at Atlantic Mustard if you're prepared to discover the gourmet world of mustard. You may conveniently browse and buy our mustards, including our gourmet mustard gift packages, through our online store. We have something to satiate every taste bud, from hot mustards to BBQ sauces with mustard as a key ingredient to tangy mustard dressings.

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