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We have our Stollen back! It will be available in the first week of December - order now to reserve one for you and your loved ones. The recipe we use is in Micha's family for centuries and it originates in the eastern part of Germany - very close to Dresden. The Stollen is made with organic flour, milk, butter, eggs, candied fruit, raisins, almonds, yeast and the secret is the spices. This bread-like cake is made very early and the longer it "ripes" the better is the taste when you enjoy it on Christmas (or before if you can't wait like me).

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A jar of Blueberry Chutney
It is back!
The PEI Blueberry Chutney

We got a lot of inquiries about our PEI Blueberry Chutney and heard you. It is back in stock.
Enjoy this wonderful sweet and delicious chutney with a warm camembert, on a cheese board or on a sandwich. You won't be dissapointed.

Smoky Whole Grain
Mustard Potato Salad

A friend made this wonderful vegan recipe with our Smokin BBQ Mustard. You can find the full recipe and some kind words from Katia on her blog called "Happy as a Yam". Follow her for more recipes.

Happy As A Yam
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With every purchase you make, you support the MS Society of Canada. Because we donate 3% of all our sales to this cause so they can find a cure for this terrible disease.
So far we were able to donate $4844.30!
We thank you!

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