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Sweet and Solar

Lucky Bee Homestead (and Atlantic Mustard Mill later in 2018) were founded in 2017 by Sabine and Michael Schoenknecht.

From their homestead headquarters in Murray Harbour North, Prince Edward Island, the couple has created an extensive line of gourmet condiments, including jams, vinegars, chutneys, and authentic German mustards. They grow many of their own ingredients using natural practices and source locally whenever possible. 

Sabine and Michael are dedicated to living in harmony with nature and reducing their footprint on the planet. Their homestead relies entirely on energy produced by their solar energy system. That means that every delicious condiment in their Lucky Bee Homestead and Atlantic Mustard Mill line is made with 100% solar energy. So you and the planet can both ‘bee’ happy! 

The link will show you our Homestead Good to Grow

We always do our best to leave the smallest food print and to preserve the planet. Here is a great article in connection to Earth Day The Guardian


The Long Way Round

It all started with an odyssey.

Originally from Germany, Sabine and Michael Schoenknecht set out on a journey to find the perfect plot of earth for their homestead. And find it they did. After much searching, they found what would become their new home.

In 2013, the couple made the move to Prince Edward Island, Canada. Drawn by its stunning landscapes, rich soils, friendly folks, and strong sense of community, Sabine and Michael knew their odyssey was over. They had finally found home. 

Once they settled into their new home in eastern PEI, they began building the homestead they’d dreamt about for so long. Being self-sufficient was their end goal. Sabine and Michael set about making their dream a reality by growing organic fruits and vegetables, setting up a solar energy system to power their homestead, building beehives, and finding a myriad of ways to reduce waste.

 As the seasons went round and round, the couple found themselves occupied (perhaps a bit obsessed) with honey harvesting, growing their garden, canning homesteads in their kitchen, and crafting all sorts of imaginative and delicious mustard flavors. 

And so it was only ‘natural’ that in 2017 Sabine and Michael founded Lucky Bee Homestead so they could share all of their delightful kitchen creations with the world.


Two Brands are Better Than One

“Are all your mustards made with honey?” 

This was a question Sabine got used to hearing at the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market, where she first started selling their selection of jams, homesteads and authentic German mustards. 

It was an understandable leap for customers to make, given that the mustards were initially sold under the Lucky Bee Homestead brand. And, as everyone knows, honey is the ‘bee’s knees’!

But the short answer to this question was (and still is!) 'no'. Sure, the honey mustards they make contains honey from Sabine and Michael’s farm, but most of their other mustards contain either organic cane sugar, maple syrup or no sweetener . 

And so, as their line of mustard flavours grew, Sabine and Michael knew it was time for these gourmet products to have their very own brand.

Atlantic Mustard Mill was born in 2018. The brand now features over 45 mustard varieties that will knock your socks off. Not literally, but you get the idea.

How to make mustard.