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Mustard for your Valentine 🧡

by Sabine Schoenknecht on January 30, 2023

Chocolate mustard for your Valentine

This mustard is oh, so wonderful. The seeds are treated in a very special way and it is made with organic cocoa powder. The explosion comes from some homegrown chili and it makes the mustard so very interesting. Don't worry - its not too hot - it is medium. So just right.

A jar of Mustard with cocoa and chili

We love to enjoy this Sweet Explosion mustard on our sausages. In fact, we can not stop eating-  it's so good.

Or you can try it in a dip. Mix a teaspoon or two (depending on the amount of yoghurt) in yoghurt, cream cheese or sour cream. Dip your fries, nachos, veggie sticks or bread in.  

Two plates with sausages, vegetables, fries and mustard

So good, you will fell in love - with the mustard and your valentine.

Your Mustard Lady


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