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Why Every Foodie Should Add Mustard to Their Pantry

by Sabine Schoenknecht on May 08, 2023
Why Every Foodie Should Add Mustard to Their Pantry

Mustard is a versatile and delicious condiment that should be a staple in every foodie's pantry. From adding flavour to sandwiches and dressings to enhancing marinades and glazes, mustard can take your meals to the next level. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of mustard and why it should be a must-have ingredient in your kitchen.  


What Does Mustard Add to a Dish? 

Mustard adds a tangy, sometimes spicy flavour to dishes that can enhance the overall taste profile. Old German Mustard, for example, is a slightly coarse-grained mustard with a stronger, sharper flavour. It pairs well with hearty meats like pork and beef, as well as cheese and vegetables. Honey Mustard, on the other hand, has a sweeter taste due to the addition of honey. It works well as a dipping sauce for chicken tenders, in a dressing for salads, or as a glaze for roasted vegetables. 


What is Mustard Usually Used for? 

What is Mustard Usually Used for?

Mustard is a condiment that can be used in a variety of ways. It can be spread on sandwiches or burgers, mixed into dressings or marinades, or used as a glaze for meats or vegetables. It's also a key ingredient in many delicious dishes such as our Elvis Burger, Sauerkraut Panini, Veggie Patties with Curry Mustard, and Spaghetti al Funghi, You can find even more tasty ideas in our recipes section. 


Why Mustard is the Best Condiment? 

Why Mustard is the Best Condiment?

There are many reasons why mustard is the best condiment. First, it's low in calories and fat, making it a healthier option than many other condiments. Second, it's incredibly versatile and can be used in various dishes. Finally, it comes in various flavours, so you can choose the type that best compliments and elevates your meal. 


Types of Mustard by Atlantic Mustard Mill 

Experience the traditional German gourmet mustard taste with our internationally award-winning mustards at Atlantic Mustard Mill. Crafted by hand using the finest locally sourced ingredients and 100% solar energy, our condiments are not only delicious but also environmentally friendly with labels from recycled paper and reusable glass bottles. 

Proudly manufactured in PEI, Canada, our mustards offer a unique and flavourful addition to any dish. 

Here are some of the different types of delicious mustards our gourmet mustard company offers:   

  • Old German Mustard: A classic, medium mustard with a slightly coarse texture and full flavour. Perfect for bratwursts, sausages, and sandwiches. 
  • Maple Chili Mustard: A sweet and hot mustard made with Canadian maple syrup and chili peppers. Great for grilled meats, sausages, cheese and marinades. 
  • The Maritimer Mustard: A tangy and savoury mustard made with just brown mustard seeds, salt, and vinegar. Perfect for seafood, chicken, and sandwiches. 
  • East Coast Hotdog Mustard: A bold and tangy mustard with a hint of sweetness, ideal for hotdogs and sausages. 
  • Honey Mustard: A sweet and tangy mustard made with honey, perfect for salads, sandwiches, and dipping sauces. 
  • Garlic Mustard: A rich and flavourful mustard made with fresh garlic, perfect for roasted meats, marinades, and salad dressings. 
  • Horseradish Mustard: A hot or medium spice mustard made with horseradish, great for roast beef, sausages, and dips. 
  • Roasted Onion Mustard: A savoury mustard with a roasted onion flavour, perfect for burgers, sandwiches, and marinades. 
  • Smokin BBQ Mustard: A smoky and medium mustard with a BBQ flavour, ideal for grilled meats, chicken wings, and dipping sauces. 
  • Honey Dill Mustard: Our honey mustard with a twist, this sweet and tangy mustard is made with honey and dill, perfect for adding to sandwiches or salad dressings. 
  • Dijon Mustard, Coarse: This classic Dijon mustard is made with coarse grind mustard seeds and chardonnay wine, adding a fine flavour and texture to any dish, particularly great for adding depth to vinaigrettes and sauces.  

Visit our gourmet mustard shop today to find the best gourmet mustards to add to your pantry!