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A Beginner's Guide to Mustard Types and Flavours

by Sabine Schoenknecht on July 21, 2023

Since ancient times, mustard has been a favoured condiment because of its acidic, spicy flavour that can enhance the flavours of many different foods. This beginner's guide will expose you to wide varieties and flavours of mustard if you're new to the mustard world or simply wish to broaden your mustard horizons. There are several options, ranging from mustard barbecue sauce to German mustard. Let's explore the many mustard kinds to entice your taste buds. 


Deutscher Senf (German Mustard) 

Old German Mustard

For those who love mustard, Germany has a special place in their hearts. The intense flavour and grainy texture of German mustard are well known. It usually contains brown or black mustard seeds, which gives it the spiciness. For mustard connoisseurs, Atlantic Mustard Mill’s Old German mustard is a must-try. Your taste buds will be transported to the streets of Germany by our genuine German mustard, which captures the essence of this traditional kind. 


BBQ Sauce with Mustard 

BBQ Sauce with Mustard

A mustard-based BBQ sauce is a game-changer if you enjoy barbecue. Your grilled meats, sandwiches, and other dishes get a special touch from this zesty, tangy sauce. The flavours imparted from barbecuing and the sharpness of mustard combine to make a delectable flavour. The delicious Mustard BBQ Sauce from Atlantic Mustard Mill combines spicy mustard with fresh tomato flavour to deliver the ideal accompaniment to your upcoming barbecue feast. 


Salad Dressing with Mustard 

Salad Dressing with Mustard

The correct salad dressing elevates any dish; mustard salad dressing is no exception. Your greens will taste even more flavourful and tangy thanks to a mustard dressing. Mustard is a versatile ingredient that can change any salad, whether you want a straightforward vinaigrette or a creamy dressing. Your salads will improve thanks to the variety of mustard dressings offered by Atlantic Mustard Mill. Our Honey & Mustard Dressing, which combines the tanginess of mustard with the sweetness of honey, is a favourite among customers. Our dressings are also available in Maple, Lemon, and Herb varieties for your enjoyment. 




Chutneys with mustard is the solution if you're seeking a condiment to give your sandwiches and hot dogs a blast of flavour and crunch. Onions, pickles, rhubarb, mustard, and other ingredients are combined to make an acidic, slightly sweet chutney that goes well with many different foods. The Onion Chutney from Atlantic Mustard Mill is ideal for your preferred steak, burgers, or sandwiches. Your meals will take on a wonderful twist thanks to its fresh flavours and slight zing. 


Mustard Flakes  

A versatile component that may be employed in a variety of culinary creations are the Mustard Flakes. They give marinades, rubs, sauces, and your dishes a distinctive and vivid flavour. Mustard flakes gives your food depth and complexity as well as a good crunch. A high-quality mustard spice is available from Atlantic Mustard Mill to enhance the flavours of your favourite dishes. Your culinary explorations will get a delicious kick from its robust flavour character.  


Hot Mustard 

volcano garlic butter recipe

Hot and spicy mustards are perfect for people who like their condiments with a strong kick. Sandwiches, pretzels, and even marinades benefit from spicy mustard's heat and intensity. People have varied tolerances for heat, so Atlantic Mustard provides a variety of hot and spicy mustards. These mustards will satisfy your appetite for potent and spicy flavours, whether you want a light kick or an intense heat. If you’re looking to kick-up your next meal, our volcano garlic butter recipe is a winner on pasta, garlic bread, steak, or a baked potato.  

It's time to investigate the gourmet mustard selections at Atlantic Mustard Mill now that you've learnt about the various mustard varieties and flavours. The vast collection of gourmet condiments offered by the Atlantic Mustard Mill Company includes many mustards, dressings and sauces. Our goods are expertly made with natural materials and if possible, locally sourced ingredients.