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German Beef Roulade

by Sabine Schoenknecht on May 08, 2023

German Beef Roulade

One roulade should weigh about 200gr, but my butcher cuts them like jerk meat so they are smaller and thinner (two for one person). This recipe is for 4 persons.

  • 4x 200g Beef slices or 8x thinner slices
  • 4 or 8 slices of bacon
  • 1 onion cut into thinner slices
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Mustard – “The Maritimer” mustard if you like spice, otherwise we recommend the “Old German” mustard
  • 4 / 8 small cornichons or 4 / 8 slices of pickles
  • Butter, oil or lard for roasting
  • A bit flour for the sauce
  • Beef broth
  • Some red wine

On a clean surface or board, spread out the beef slices and dry them with a paper cloth. Season the beef with salt & pepper. Add a teaspoon of mustard on each piece and spread the mustard with the backside of the spoon.

The beef slices with mustard on it, the Maritimer mustard jar on the side

Now add the bacon, spread out the onions and the piece of pickle at one end.

The beef with bacon, onions and a pickle

Starting from the end where the pickle is, roll up the meat. To secure the meat, you can use a gadget like in the picture, or use food safe yarn or a wooden stick.

The secured beef roulades

Heat up the butter, oil or lard in a bigger frying pan (the one you have a lid for) and roast the meat from all sides till brown. Add some broth, turn down the heat and let the meat simmer for about an hour. (Shorter if they are smaller)

Roasting the beef roulades

When ready, take the meat out and thicken the sauce with some flour, add some red wine if you like. We like to add some sour cream or whipped cream to it to make it more creamy.

Before serving, take the roulade out of the sauce and remove the strings / sticks and serve with potatoes and red cabbage. Carrots or beans are great for the dish too.

The perfect roulade with potato dumplings and red cabbage


The Mustard Lady


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