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Haddock with mustard

by Sabine Schoenknecht on March 04, 2023

Haddock with mustard

Friday is fish day - that was in my childhood and sometimes I continue with that tradition.

Recipe is for 4 persons

Wash the fish filet, dry them and arrange them on a cutting board and cut each in two pieces for better handling.

On two smaller plates, have the breadcrumbs on one and the egg on the other plate. Wisk the egg.

Heat the oil in a bigger pan on medium heat. It should not be too hot.

Spread a thin layer of mustard on the fish on both sides. fish with mustard spread

When done, transfer a piece of the fish to the plate with the egg and "bath" the fish in the egg. Turn, make sure there is egg everywhere, transfer to the plate with the breadcrumbs. Apply breadcrumbs on both side of the fish. Set aside.

When all fish is battered, transfer it to the pan and fry the fish until its over 75 degrees. 

The battered fish in a pan

We serve it with potatoes fresh salad and cranberry chutney.

A plate with battered fish, potatoes and salad


The Mustard Lady


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