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A jar of Taco mustard
Allison's Taco Tuesday Mustard
Nutrition Fact Sheet

Allison's Taco Tuesday Mustard


 Let's get ready for Taco Tuesday!

We got inspired by Allison for the Taco Mustard. Allison is a dear friend and sells our mustard at Stirlings Farm Market in Wolfville.

This spicy mustard is made with fresh milled brown mustard seeds and taco seasoning. A must have for your taco's, sandwiches or on meat. A great way to enjoy it is to make a dip - mix some mustard with some sour cream - done! 

Taco Tuesday Recipe

Stone Ground Whole Seed, Organic Ingredients, Fermented, Vegan, Gluten Friendly

Made with 100% Solar Energy

Ingredients: Well Water, Brown Mustard Seeds, Organic White Vinegar, Organic Taco Seasoning, Organic Sea Salt


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