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Matching Gourmet Mustard with Your Favorite Foods

by Sabine Schoenknecht on August 03, 2023

Gourmet mustard has long been a favourite among chefs because it enhances the flavours of food with its distinctive tang and depth. Atlantic Mustard Mill offers a variety of mustards that will entice your taste buds, whether you're a mustard enthusiast or just starting to explore the world of gourmet condiments. We'll walk you through various food combinations in this blog post that complement the exquisite flavours of Atlantic Mustard's gourmet products. 


Consider a Vinaigrette 

Consider a Vinaigrette

A vinaigrette may elevate a basic salad to the level of a gourmet masterpiece. You can give your vinaigrette recipe richness and depth by including gourmet mustard. From traditional German mustard to hot and fruity alternatives, Atlantic Mustard Mill has a wide selection of flavours. Try our Smokin BBQ mustard for a potato salad vinaigrette, or our strawberry spread for a fruity addition to vinaigrettes. 


Combined With Roasts 

Gourmet mustard works wonders on roasted meats like beef, hog, or lamb. The acidic and somewhat spicy notes of mustard brilliantly accentuate the rich, savoury flavours of a well-cooked roast. For an extra flavour boost, brush a layer of the finest Atlantic Mustard over the meat before cooking it or serve it as a condiment with the finished dish. Our Campfire or Taco Tuesday mustards are perfect with beef. Pair pork with our Pear-Fig or Curry-Pineapple for fantastic flavour, And if lamb is your dish, dish up some Nor’ Easter mustard with it.  


Mustard Delights in Pasta 

Mustard Delights in Pasta

Despite the fact that mustard and pasta may seem like an obscure match, they work well together to produce an intriguing flavour profile. Experiment with creamy mustard sauces or add mustard to your pasta salad dressing for a delicious variation. With the wide selection of gourmet mustards offered by Atlantic Mustard Mill, there are countless ways to take your pasta meals to the next level. If you’re looking for some creative pasta recipe inspiration, check out our spaghetti ai funghi with roasted onion mustard, or our pasta casserole with salmon recipe. Did you know that you can also add mustards like our Curry or Garlic directly to pasta dough? Just add to the dough, cook and serve with some butter. Give it a try. 


Buttery Potatoes 

Add some Atlantic Mustard to your mashed potatoes to make them gourmet. A well-balanced and tasty side dish can be made by cutting through the richness of mashed potatoes with mustard's mild acidity and spice. For individualised spicing, mix it right into the potatoes or offer it on the side. 



Why not add gourmet mustard to the mix if you enjoy flavoured butters? A great spread to spruce up your toast, roasted veggies, or grilled meats may be made by combining melted butter with your preferred flavour of Atlantic Mustard. It's a culinary marriage made in heaven when creamy butter and the unique flavour of mustard are combined. If you love mashed potatoes, check out this tasty spin featuring our German mustard. 



Banana Ginger

Various flavours, like gourmet mustard, combine well with chicken because it is such a flexible protein. A layer of mustard added before cooking can give chicken, whether grilled, roasted, or sautéed, a flavorful tinge. The gourmet assortment from Atlantic Mustard has various flavour characteristics, letting you experiment and find the ideal addition to your chicken meals. A couple of our favourite chicken-friendly mustards include Banana Ginger and Orange Tarragon. 


Test Out Our Mustards 

Our authentic German mustards are only one of the many gourmet condiments that Atlantic Mustard Mill proudly offers. Our goods are expertly made using natural components that are, whenever possible, acquired locally. Our homestead uses only solar energy because we are committed to living harmoniously with the environment and minimising our environmental impact. 

Discover the ideal gourmet mustard to combine with your favourite cuisines by perusing our collection of over 50 mustard kinds, which range from mild to spicy or hot. Whatever your taste, Atlantic Mustard Mill has something to please every palate, whether you prefer traditional flavours or crave daring combinations. 

Browse our extensive selection of gourmet mustards and discover our other mouthwatering condiments. Join us in our effort to leave the smallest possible food footprint while you enjoy the superb flavours of our offerings. 

Remember that mustard is a gastronomic experience rather than merely a condiment. Choose Atlantic Mustard Mill and let our gourmet mustards elevate the flavour of your favourite recipes.