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Oh Honey

Oh Honey

Smoked Salmon with Honey Dill Mustard Recipe is for 2-3 persons 150g – 200g Smoked...
on February 21, 2023
A panini with salami and sauerkraut

Sauerkraut Panini

Sauerkraut Panini  A healthy and quick lunch. Recipe for one panini 2 slices of bread...
on February 13, 2023
Creamy Spinach with Dijon mustard

Creamy Spinach with Dijon mustard

Creamy Spinach Recipe is for 2 persons as a side dish 200 g fresh spinach...
on January 16, 2023
A plate with vegetables patties and a jar of curry mustard

It's Veganuary - Veggie Patties with Curry Mustard

Veggie Patties It’s Veganuary and let’s try another delicious vegan recipe. Recipe is for 3...
on January 09, 2023
A plate with spaghetti and mushroom sauce

Spaghetti ai funghi with Roasted Onion Mustard

Spaghetti ai Funghi It’s pasta day! Recipe is for 4 persons 1/4 l Vegetable Broth...
on January 02, 2023