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Welcome to the Mustard Wonderland!

Our international award-winning mustards are traditional German gourmet mustards. As a leading mustard company, all of our condiments are handcrafted from the finest locally sourced ingredients with 100% solar energy and available in reusable packaging. Manufactured in PEI, Canada.
More Than Just Mustard!


$4844.30 !
That is the total amount we were able to donated to the MS Society of Canada in 2023!
We say "Thank you" from the bottom of our heart. Without you and your support, we could not have done this. We are just a tiny two people company and this means a lot to us. It helps to find a cure, to help those effected and to rise awareness. ❤️
We supported our parents as much as we could, but without all the help from the MS Society of Germany, neighbours and friends, it would have been a real big burden for both of them. Now, we can help others with your help. Canada has the highest rate of MS in the world - an estimated 90,000 Canadians. Michael and I are very grateful that we are able to help and thank you again very much for your support. 🙏

Our Handcrafted Products

Mussel Dijonnaise by
Chef Ilona Daniel

The wonderful Chef Ilona Daniel created this delicious recipe for "The Social Shell". Featuring local PEI products like Mussels, beer and mustard. For this mustard we gave her our medium spice Herb de Provence mustard. A must try. Click on the link for the recipe.

Mussel Dijonnaise

It is back!

The PEI Blueberry Chutney

We got a lot of inquiries about our PEI Blueberry Chutney and we heard you. It is back in stock!
Enjoy this wonderful sweet and delicious chutney with a warm camembert, on a cheese board or on a sandwich. You won't be disappointed.


Smoky Whole Grain

Mustard Potato Salad

A friend made this wonderful vegan recipe with our Smokin BBQ Mustard. You can find the full recipe and some kind words from Katia on her blog called "Happy as a Yam". Follow her for more recipes.

Happy As A Yam

Atlantic Mustard Mill is a proud partner of MS Society of Canada

With every purchase you make, you support the MS Society of Canada. We donate 3% of all our sales to help find a cure for this terrible disease.
So far we were able to donate $4844.30!
We thank you!

Read why we donate

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