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Mustard Recipes

A plate with goulash, red cabbage and potatoes

Beer Goulash for Father's Day

Beer Goulash for Daddy Father's Day is coming up and of course you like to...
on June 12, 2023
The Egg salad you won't forget

The Egg salad you won't forget

Egg salad de luxe Everyone likes egg salad - why not make it a special...
on June 05, 2023
Extra crunchy salad dressing

Extra crunchy salad dressing

Salad dressing with an extra crunch Sumer time = salad time. We love to eat...
on May 29, 2023
Two plates with mashed potatoes, carrots and scrambled eggs, a jar of mustard in the back

The special kind of mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes with mustard To be honest, this is the first time I made my...
on May 22, 2023
Honey Mustard Dip

Honey Mustard Dip

Honey Mustard Dip This is a quick and easy dip to make for the grilling...
on May 16, 2023
German Rouladen with potato dumplings and red cabbage

German Beef Roulade

German Beef Roulade One roulade should weigh about 200gr, but my butcher cuts them like...
on May 08, 2023
Pasta Casserole with Salmon

Pasta Casserole with Salmon

Pasta Casserole with salmon This is by far one of my favourite dishes and I...
on May 01, 2023
Quiche with a twist

Quiche with a twist

Quiche with Swiss Chard Vegetarian Dish This dish takes a bit longer, but it can...
on April 24, 2023
A pan with zurcher ragout

Zürcher Geschnetzeltes - Zurcher Ragout

Zurcher Ragout Recipe is for 4 person Ingredients:  500 g veal meat or pork 200...
on April 17, 2023
Toast Hawaii

Toast Hawaii

The classic "Toast Hawaii" Recipe is for 2 person Ingredients: 4 slices of Toast  Curry Pineapple...
on April 10, 2023
Steak with a peppercorn mustard sauce

Peppercorn Sauce

Peppercorn Sauce Recipe is for 2 person Ingredients: 2 steaks or 4 porkchops  Salt & pepper...
on April 03, 2023
A plate with salmon, potatoes and salad

Marinated Maple Salmon

Marinated Maple Salmon Recipe is for 4 persons Ingredients: ca 500 -550 g piece of...
on March 27, 2023


Flammkuchen – German Flat Bread Pizza with Salmon & Spinach Recipe is for 2 persons/pieces...
on March 20, 2023
Hot Garlic Butter

Hot Garlic Butter

Volcano Garlic Butter The BBQ season is coming up real quick and we would like...
on March 17, 2023
Bacon Wrapped potatoes with hot mustard

Bacon - Potatoes with Fire

Bacon - Potatoes Now, this is very easy, very delicious and great finger food when...
on March 13, 2023
Marinated chicken breast

Roasted chicken with Orange Tarragon mustard

Chicken Roast with mustard marinade Make it easy – there is no need to mix...
on March 06, 2023
Mustard battered fish with potatoes and salad

Haddock with mustard

Haddock with mustard Friday is fish day - that was in my childhood and sometimes...
on March 04, 2023
Elvis burger with peanut butter mustard

Make your own Elvis burger

Burger with Peanut Butter Mustard, bacon and pickles Ingredients: Fresh burger bun Beef patty Peanut...
on February 27, 2023
Oh Honey

Oh Honey

Smoked Salmon with Honey Dill Mustard Recipe is for 2-3 persons 150g – 200g Smoked...
on February 21, 2023
A bread with the Sauerkraut mustard

Bread with Sauerkraut and Bacon

Sauerkraut Bread This recipe is for 2 smaller loaves of about 630 g each 20...
on February 17, 2023